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Communicate with unmatched clarity, impact, and persuasion

High-touch, bespoke public speaking coaching for executives and the c-suite

Whether you're communicating strategy, leading town hall meetings, facilitating investor discussions, navigating board meetings, or speaking at industry events;

clear, persuasive, and impactful communication is key.

Understanding the demands on your time, I offer a private, tailored public speaking service designed to flex around your schedule, available both in-person and virtually to suit your needs.


I commit to a deep-dive into your unique communication style, working closely with you to refine, enhance, and innovate your speaking capabilities, ensuring every word you speak carries the weight of your intent and the power of your vision.

My service is private, personalised and transformative.

With a track record that stretches back to 2009, my journey in honing communication skills spans leading a presentation design agency, serving as the spokesperson and evangelist for Prezi for nearly a decade, and founding Cenrox, a specialised platform for public speaking and presentation mastery.

spencer leadership conference
Spencer powerweek

Sid Van Wijk,

Head of Executive Programs

"Spencer guided 12 of our senior leaders through a process to help us plan, present and develop conversational content"
Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 12.49.44.png

Kfir Azoulay,

Head of Corporate Strategy

"Spencer has a unique talent for simplifying complex content into clear, concise messages, creating visuals that have impact, and focusing on the essential details"
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Wouter Hofstee Holtrop,


"If you're seeking coaching, 
I wholeheartedly recommend Spencer. He is the embodiment of the next level in communication."
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