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Spencer Waldron | Motivational Sales Speaker

Hello, my name is Spencer Waldron. I am an experienced motivational sales speaker who delivers years of industry-leading expertise to teach your teams to sell better using persuasion, neuroscience and relationship building.


I am a sales speaker who focuses on improving the professional performance of every member of your sales team, regardless of industry or sector. 


I focus on how communication skills can engage audiences in a two-way dialogue that helps salespeople connect to their prospects and customers and increase sales. 


People book me to help your team hone their communication skills and provide a wealth of techniques to get the most out of your company's potential for sales.

**NEW** Sales Keynote Talk:

Sales Unscripted: Mastering the Art of Conversational Selling for Breakthrough Results

This talk fuses Improv Comedy's adaptability, Neuroscience's insights, and Conversational Presenting's engagement to revolutionise your sales pitches.


Learn to create more interactive, persuasive, and unforgettable sales experiences. Equip yourself with techniques to overcome client scepticism, build lasting relationships, and dramatically enhance your sales effectiveness.


Get ready to transform not just how your team presents but how they connect and succeed in sales like never before.

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Charlotte Doepker

Senior Vice President at Keenan

At our corporate leadership meeting, Spencer did a really engaging and thought provoking presentation on Conversational Presenting for Sales followed by a workshop where we broke into small groups and identified opportunities within our own organization.

Morgan Parnis

Business Leaders Malta

Spencer was one of our keynote speakers at our Annual Business Leaders Conference in Malta.


Spencer did a popular session on conversational presenting and is full of energy and a seasoned, experienced sales speaker. 

Jason Clowes

Savage Marketing Conference

Spencer has spoken at our conference multiple times as well as being the conference emcee. 


His 'Conversational Presenting' session was filled with such great content, that it was a packed out session with people standing so they could be a part of this.


+31 625 434 934



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