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Join 15 people from Sept 9th - 13th
Overcome your fear of public speaking,
make new friends, and have fun!
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Change Your Life With Public Speaking

Unstoppable confidence, earn more money,
and advance your career

One-week with a coach and 15 other people,

personalised coaching, and a self-paced video training platform.

Lessons + Practice + Coaching

Bite-size lessons


Watch our short videos packed with essential info. These bite-sized lessons give you the must-have theory to engage audiences and be a great presenter.

Gamified live practice

Engage in fun, interactive games with your cohort. Inspired by improv comedy, they're designed to enhance your speaking skills while ensuring you have a great time learning.

Personalised coaching:


Our coaching program offers a personalized approach tailored to your skill level. Present to the group, receive feedback, and gain confidence through hands-on practice and guidance.

A community of speakers:


Connect with others in the same situation, build meaningful relationships, and learn valuable tips and tricks from peers.

Success Stories in Their Words

Stephen EDSN.png

Stephen Oosterbrink, CTO, Engineering Data Services Netherlands


“I highly recommend working with Spencer. His expertise and calm, relaxed approach make him a valuable asset for anyone preparing for a critical presentation. His unique ability to combine technical understanding with storytelling ensures that your message not only informs but also inspires.”


Martijn Beijk, Head of Solution Engineering EMEA & Japan


“Spencer's training equipped me with invaluable techniques to engage with my audience more effectively. What stood out to me was the tailored approach, he took into account my personal style and preferences, and gave actionable feedback to deliver an impactful and engaging story.”


Oliver Raskin, Head of Marketing Insights at Miro


"Spencer is an energetic, empathetic and practical coach for anyone who's looking to build persuasive narratives and sharpen their public speaking abilities. He's fun, comfortable to work with and draws on heaps of real-world experience building the skills he's imparting to you."


Sid Van Wijk, Head of Miro EBC program

“Spencer is highly experienced in speaking & presenting and guided 12 of our senior leaders through a process to help us plan, present and develop conversational content."


Chiel Kraai, Founder & CEO at Icetubs & Welvaere


“I can really recommend Spencer! Great to work with him and he is very knowledgeable about the public speaking space 💪”


Wouter Hofstee Holtrop, Partner, Expat Mortgages


"Spencer has an incredible ability to break down concepts into easy-to-understand chunks, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective. He is thorough in his approach and takes the time to understand the unique needs and goals of everyone works with. His coaching style is engaging, friendly with a great sense of humor which makes him one of the most enjoyable professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.”


Kfir Azoulay, Head of Corporate Strategy at Heidelberg Engineering,

"Spencer has a unique talent for simplifying complex content into clear, concise messages, creating visuals that have impact, and focusing on the essential details. His expertise in public speaking, presentation strategy and design is evident in both his extensive experience and the quality of his work."

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